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Welcome to Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open to all children from Reception (Pioneers) to Year 6 from 8.00am.


GREGGs the Bakers provide the food for breakfast club and school subsidises the staffing costs. We offer this provision for FREE, as we believe that providing a healthy, nutricious breakfast gives our children the best possible start to the school day.
We provide a range of healthy cereal options, toast, fruit and milk.

Children can then choose from a range of activities: 

  • literacy and maths tables (a good place to finish homework)
  • construction (lego / stickle bricks / blocks etc.)
  • reading
  • board games (jenga / connect 4 / guess who / snakes and ladders etc.)
  • puzzles (jigsaws / logic cubes etc.)
  • iPads / computers (we have use of the Computer suite too)
  • Creative arts (play dough / cutting and sticking etc.)
  • Sport (our Sports Coach takes children outdoors to play a variety of different sports)


We have lots of fun, playing and chatting with our friends at Breakfast Club. We love Breakfast Club!

 I love meeting my friends and having a chat over breakfast! My favourite is playing with the lego and making huge models! I like the toast and milk too!

Dodge ball, football, basketball, rounders, cricket are just some of the games we love with Mr. Shannon alongside all the fun and games inside with Miss Caufield and the other teachers!

We love starting our school day at Breakfast Club. It's lovely and warm in school on cold mornings and in the Summer we play outside with Mr. Shannon. 

There is enough time to do a jigsaw and to make a model.  In school normally we don't have much time, that's why I love breakfast club. We have made huge lego models of our town and our school.

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