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Welcome to the Adventurers Page

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Welcome to our Nursery class page. We are called the Adventurers and we love to question, investigate and take risks. The world is our adventure!

Snack: We ask for a contribution of 50p per week to enable us to provide additional exciting and tasty snacks.

Clothes: Our adventures get messy! Please provide a spare set of clothes in case we need to get changed.

Make sure you keep an eye on Tapestry as we post regular observations and updates about our adventures. We love receiving observations from home so please feel free to share pictures and notes

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World Nursery Rhyme Week 2019

Adventurers had a wonderful week taking part in this fabulous themed week, we learnt and focussed on a new rhyme each day. We worked hard at not only learning the words to the rhymes but also adding our own actions as well. We learnt Baa Baa Black Sheep, Down in the Jungle, Incey Wincey Spider, Row Row Row Your Boat and Two Little Dickie Birds. We had great fun making our own themed hat that we then wore when we performed our rhymes to our parents. Our parents and grandparents loved listening to us sing and they even joined in with us at the end.

We all love Nursery Rhymes


As part of our Understanding of the World work we have been looking at and discovering the use of technology. Mrs Simpson brought in lots of toys for Adventurers to investigate as she did not know how they worked!! Luckily the Adventurers saved the day and discovered that some of the toys had buttons to push or strings to pull or that they had to work by pulling them back on the carpet for them to move. During the week we also enjoyed drawing our own favourite toys and creating new toys and using toys as props to support us in our play. We read a lovely story by Mick Inkpen called ‘Kipper’s Toybox’ and we practised counting to 7 as Kipper had 7 toys in his toybox.

Teddy Bear Theatre Workshop

Adventurers had a lovely workshop all about Teddy Bears. We went on a story hunt and on our way we found lots of familiar teddy bears that we recognised. We found Winnie the Pooh, Mummy, Daddy and Baby bear and even Paddington Bear! We had lots of fun using our binoculars to search and we even got to swim through water and squelch through mud.

Remembrance Day & Kindness

Adventurers have made a wonderful poppy wreath which we sat around as we held our 2 minutes silence in class for Remembrance Day. We spoke about all the people that are kind and helpful and brave and have kept our country safe for many years and also those that continue to keep us safe now. We enjoyed making and eating poppy biscuits as well. As a class we identified that we all have kind hands that we use every day to be kind to ourselves, our family and our friends. Our focus number for this week has been the number 3 in Numberblocks and we printed our kind painted hands in to a heart three times! We also continued to practice our mark making skills and drew around our kind hands to make a class friendship kind heart which we have added to our Learning journey display. Another super busy week in Adventurers.

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Adventurers have had lots of mark making opportunities this week as we discovered lots about fireworks and the gunpowder that makes them so noisy when they explode! We used lots of voice sounds to pretend that we were exploding fireworks. We used our listening ears to listen to other sounds we may hear at this time of year and we even used out outdoor climbing equipment to climb up and jump off as if we were exploding, noisy fireworks. We counted and made sets of fireworks in the night sky and matched them to the correct numerals. We are getting so clever with our counting and making sets of objects. This super busy week was finished off with a lovely relaxing yoga session. Thankfully no Adventurers fell asleep!

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Wow! What a busy first week back for Adventurers. Our focus this week was ‘Autumn.’ We learnt lots about the different weather & the leaves and other items that may fall off the trees. We used our conkers and acorns and enjoyed making sets in maths and giving them to the nocturnal animals, using the language of ‘lots’ and ‘more’ to do this. We had great fun learning a new action rhyme called ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.’ Our scarecrow display looks lovely up on our wall and we had great fun with our friends as we drew our scarecrows using the lovely colourful pens. Using red and yellow paint we experimented with colour mixing to discover that it makes orange. Using a cork we created and printed beautiful autumn trees and we used our lovely cinnamon smelling orange playdough to make pumpkins.

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The Gruffalo & Parents Open Morning  

Adventurers had a wonderful week discovering ‘The Gruffalo’ text. We visited the wood & read the story together, sequencing the characters as we met them. Our Parents then visited the classroom for an Open Morning full of Gruffalo fun treats and activities. We enjoyed tasty treats of Roasted Fox sandwiches, knobbly knee cookies and even orange eyes!

It was lovely having our parents in class with us

How to catch a star

Adventurers have enjoyed everything star themed after we read and shared the story ‘How to catch a Star.’ We learnt all about triangles and how many sides and corners they have and we even discovered that when you place two triangles over each other you can arrange them to make a star! We had a go at printing the night sky using star shapes on black paper with glitter paint and we loved using the black playdough that had lots of twinkling stars in it. We finished our week with a trip to the sensory room where we enjoyed lots of action rhymes and songs and we even worked as a team with our friends to make a huge class star by joining ourselves together with special sparkly ribbon.


We had great fun

making stars out of triangles

5 Speckled Frogs

We love singing songs and rhymes in class and we particularly like it when they are actions rhymes and songs. We are working hard to be able to count backwards from 5.

What other number rhymes do you know?  

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

Adventurers have enjoyed all our work about Bears. We had such a busy week. We made bear paw biscuits, we looked at photos of real and non real bears, we had story characters to act out and retell the story and we had brown playdough that smelt of chocolate to make bears! We finished the week with a fabulous Bear Hunt. We found the friendly bear who had a present for us! He knew that we love reading and had wrapped some lovely books for us to read and share with our friends in class. Have a look at our photos and see if you can see us squelching in the mud and getting blown by the snow in the snowstorm!

Bear Hunt.mp4

Keeping clean and healthy is a very important part of our everyday life in Adventurers. Here we are following our step by step rules for how we should wash and clean and dry our hands all the time. We know that we must always wash our hands before we eat, before we bake, after we have visited the bathroom and after we have sneezed in to them. Can you think of any other times that we must wash our hands?

Adventurers love making marks!

We have been taking our pens for a walk and discovering what marks we can make with them. We also enjoyed using and selecting our favourite colours. We used red, blue, purple, green and lots more lovely colours. We now have our lovely work up on display in our classroom.


Our Bodies

We have spent lots of time finding out about the wonderful things our bodies can do. We have enjoyed discovering about the bones that make up our skeletons. We read and shared the story of ‘Funnybones’ and then we used our craft skills to create Funnybones skeletons. Adventurers also loved singing and learning the skeleton dance!

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