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After School Clubs


Gardening club have been working very hard to weed our raised beds and they are now ready to be prepared for planting.

In Gardening Club this week, we were joined by Claire, who will be working with us to develop our raised planting beds. Today we started by picking anything that we could re-plant, including broad beans and peas. Over the next few weeks we will be weeding the beds, preparing them for planting and planting some new vegetables and plants.

We also took some watering cans to the community garden on the field and watered the plants there. What a lovely addition to our community!

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Welcome to Green Fingers! We have been looking at our Allotments and our lovely Apple Trees. We have discussed what new vegetables we would like to plant. Next week, we will be researching what vegetables grow at different points in the year. We can’t wait to share our Allotment journey with you.


During cookery club this week we have been practising our cutting skills. We have discussed how we need to use knives with the supervision of an adult and always store them in a safe place. We then had a go with our sharp knives slicing and chopping fruit. After that we had a competition of; who could make the best imaginary fruit animal. We had some fabulous designs and worked well together in pairs.

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Science Club

In Science Club, the children have been learning about plants. We planted our own seeds and have observed as they have started to grow. We have taken them home and Miss Hodge has set us a challenge to see who can get the tallest sunflower by the end of the Summer term.


Art Club - Spring

In art club, we have been exploring the season spring. We have created lots of different art pieces throughout the term, for example we have made a collage of flowers using different materials. The children were able to be independent in this and use their creative skills to create some beautiful masterpieces! This week we have started making Easter baskets, we have looked at different pictures of Easter and spring to include on our baskets.

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