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Our Latest News!

Our Christmas Raffle Prizes

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Christmas events at Hillside

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Thank you, ASDA


Mr Whitehead led our assembly


The Big Dig - Year 1

We enjoyed our ‘Big Dig’ with the help from our parents and volunteers to plant some bulbs and wildflower plants. These plants were kindly donated by Ormskirk Clocktower Rotary, Upholland Tawd Vale Lions and Midstream Garden Centre. We are excited to see a magnificent display in the Spring!

It was great fun

planting our bulbs and plants

Presenting our Eco Warrior homework projects!

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Hillside's Community Field Official Opening

title pic

Despite the very wet weather the official opening of Hillside’s Community Field by the Deputy Mayor was a great success. The children involved in the sculpture project also came along to see their fantastic creation. We even got to run over the community centre for a quick juice and cake.

Designing a sculpture for our school field

Some children were chosen to help design a sculpture for our brand new field. The children worked with Sharon and Andy designing colourful birds and then eventually painted a wooden sculpture. All the children worked really hard and enjoyed working alongside Sharon and Andy. We can’t wait to see the finished design.

We enjoyed working

with Sharon and Andy

Wonderful News!


Congratulations to our fantastic Year 6 Mathematicians who were successful in the annual town competition at Lathom High School.

The team comprising Alex, Cris, Adam and …….did wonderfully well coming in the top three out of all the Skelmersdale schools. We are so proud of them all and thankful that they gave up their evening alongside Miss Chadburn to attend the competition which believe me is only for hardy mathematicians; it really is NOT easy, as the children said some of the questions were at GCSE level!

Well done, we are all extremely proud of them all.

Aimee visited us

"Thanks to a past pupil, Aimee Miller we have that "little bit Xtra" towards our Community Field Project. 

Aimee paid us a visit in May with her colleague, Lauren Marsh from the Co-operative Bank offices in Skelmersdale in order to present us with £175.  Aimee talked to the children in Year 6 about her career since she left Hillside. The children then showed the visitors a video they had made about the project.


We were also able to show Aimee the bench that some of her colleagues from the Bank had raised the money for last year, when the Bank's Volunteer Team gave our copse area a makeover."

Hillside's Summer Concert

What a wonderful Summer Concert!

The children were all fantastic. Well done!

My Movie redone.mp4

'Show What You Grow'

We had the best time at ‘Show What You Grow’. We got to meet the Mayor of West Lancashire and told her all about what we do in our eco-club. We showed her our potatoes and tomato plants and she was very impressed. We won third prize for our scarecrow and we came first in the welly throwing competition. We can’t wait to go back next year!

We were very proud of our potatoes and tomatoes

The Junior Playground

On the steps in the Junior play area, there has been an upgrade! We have had some lovely, soft, artificial grass laid down for the children to sit on. It is safer to walk on and much more comfortable than the cold paving stones!

As you can see, we are making good use of it already.

KS2 Sports Day

What a fantastic afternoon we had for Key Stage 2 Sports Day. The children were all absolutely fantastic and showed great sportsmanship.

It was a lovely afternoon

on our school field

KS1 Sports Day

We had a great time

on our Sports day

healthy me

This week at Hillside, the children are having a Healthy Me Week.

Today, we kicked off the week by concentrating on our Mental Health.

The children have spoken about big and little feelings and they have learned about how to be a good listener.

After School Club Dates


Easter Bonnets

The children had such a wonderful time showing off their fabulous Easter Bonnets. They were absolutely fantastic as always. Well done to all the children who took part!

The Dinosaur Sculpture Exhibition

dino header

We had great fun

making our dinosaurs

Exciting news at Hillside

A tremendous discovery occurred at a Skelmersdale school on Monday.  What appeared to be a dinosaur egg was discovered in the wooded area of Hillside Primary School.  A huge buzz of excitement spread through the school, with the police arriving accompanied by the Chair of Governors to check the safety of the site. The children were unsure about the find, but had decided that it must be a dinosaur egg, due to the tremendous size of the nest.

During the morning the Headteacher introduced a paleontologist from the National History Museum, Professor Terence Dactyl, who not only examined the egg and the nest but found four fossilized dinosaur teeth.  Professor Dactyl told the children all about the find and pointed out that it was an important discovery and the egg was either from a Baryonyx, a Megolasaur, an Iguanadon or a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Amateur paleontologists from the school will be carrying out an investigation during the coming week attempting to find out why the egg appeared at Hillside. The information will be sent to Professor Dactyl who is currently writing a book about Dinosaurs. He has promised that the children’s work will be included in the book, so let’s hope they find some exciting and groundbreaking information! The children and the staff are certainly excited raring to go!

Following on from the exciting discovery of a dinosaur egg yesterday on the school grounds at Hillside and the visit from Professor Dactyl from the Natural History Museum London a Tyrannosaurus Rex made an unscheduled visit.  Sophie, who managed to squeeze into the school hall as she is only a baby dinosaur, (7 years old in fact) turned out to be friendly and not at all carnivorous!  The children learnt so much from meeting her and learning all about her life in the wild and from the fossil workshop, which followed on later.  I’m not sure this week could get any more exciting!

Sophie the dinosaur came to visit us. She seemed very friendly

Sophie the dinosaur.mp4

SHARES Public Speaking Competition

Well done to Cris and Dana, who took part in the Shares Public Speaking Competition. They wrote a speech on the need to recycle and reuse our waste to help make Skelmersdale a better place. Cris and Dana both spoke so clearly and professionally. We are extremely proud of them as it must have been nerve-racking to speak in front of so many people.

IMG_3789 a(2)


Well done to the children who represented Hillside in the Swimming Gala! We even had some medal winners!


Hillside's Artwork on show at the Chapel Gallery

It is fantastic news that the current Year 6 children who completed the mandala art work last year is now up on display around the town of Ormskirk. The children did this as part of their Arts Award and they should be proud of their hard work and the pieces of work they have done! Be sure to pop into the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk and keep your eyes peeled around the town for the children of Hillside’s work.



Untitled - 1Towerwood cropped

Science Week


Hillside Football Team

On 9th October our Year 3 & 4 Football Team competed in the SHARES Football Tournament at JMO. They played really well, reaching the Quarter Finals and scoring lots of goals along the way. The children were very disappointed not to get to the final but we are all very proud of their achievement and what fine ambassadors for Hillside they all are.


Hillside Community Field Concept Design- The final Plan

Here is a short video from the pupils of Hillside explaining their hopes for our school field

Field project Update Video May 18.mp4

Here is the final masterplan for the field

Hillside masterplan July 13 2018-001(1)

A former Hillside pupil receives a BAFTA award

the one to use(1)

A past pupil of ours is celebrating after winning a BAFTA Award - How Fantastic is that! Lee McNicholas , received the honour, the British equivalent of the Oscars for his work as Executive Producer on Britain’s Got Talent.

As a young man growing up in Skelmersdale, Lee was very active on the arts scene and still returns to the town on a regular basis to visit family and friends.

Lee did state that one place that had a huge influence on his success was Skelmersdale Library. “I spent most evenings and weekends studying in the library which enabled me to get the exam results I needed to go on to study at university and end up with a job that I really enjoy.”

So, the skies the limit! All you budding film stars, producers and directors, believe and you can achieve anything with hard work and determination! You too could be working with Simon Cowell and coming home with a BAFTA.



Hillside nominated for the 'Early Years Setting of the Year' Award.

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