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Accessibility and Inclusion

What the school provides


  • The road leading to school is set on a relatively steep slope creating a ground floor and a lower ground floor
  • The main entrance is approached via a gently sloping ramp and the doors leading into school have no raised thresholds and would be suitable for anyone with mobility problems.
  • Throughout the school there are entrances and exits which all have steps, however in all cases there is sufficient room to build ramps
  • The school is built on two levels with year groups 3 and 4 being positioned on the lower ground floor
  • The playgrounds for both KS1 and KS2 are only accessible using either internal or external steps
  • To overcome these access problems a lift would need to be installed in one of the stairwells either side of the junior hall. These problems are currently being discussed with governors and there is a possibility of proposed costs for necessary building work to be factored into a long term building plan.
  • There is an accessible disabled toilet in the junior area of school on the ground floor.
  • There is disabled parking available in the school car park
  • All information can be made available in preferred formats upon request.
  • Display within the school environment reflects the different learning styles of children, taking into account the SEND areas of need identified within school
  • Information for visitors, parents, families and children are available through the website, newsletters, text message service, personal calls and appointments
  • Specialist equipment and resources are provided when identified and recommended  by a professional
  • School has a bank of resources for SEND this ranges from equipment to information books for staff 
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