Hillside Community Primary School

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Communication & Promotion of Online Safety Information

Questionnaires Completed January 2022

Children’s questionnaires KS1 & 2  (January 2022)

  • 100% of Year 6 students have access to 2 or more internet devices, with 85% of students in Years 1-5 have access to 2 or more internet devices
  • 85% of students have daily access to the internet out of school
  • 10% of students have felt unsafe online at home; 0% of students have felt unsafe online at school
  • 92% of students know what to do if they feel unsafe online
  • 75% of the students used the apps listed within the survey (all recommended age 13+)
  • 74% of students can name a favourite ‘YouTuber’


  • Online Safety explicitly taught in Autumn Term 1
  • Every Computing lesson begins with an Online safety ‘starter’ activity
  • National Online safety celebrations promoted
  • ‘Stay Safe Online’ posters distributed for home use also

Parental / Carer questionnaire  (January 2022 - 24% response)

  • Parents/carers confirmed that 92% of students have access to the internet out of school
  • 24% of parents/carers admitted that their children’s friends are not friends ‘in real life’, with 16% admitting that they don’t check who their children interact with online
  • 16% of parents/carers are not confident in applying privacy and security settings and have never spoken to the children about online safety
  • 32% of parents/carers would not be aware of what to do if an online incident occurred
  • 50% of parents/carers are not aware of the National Online Safety messages shared by school, but would welcome online safety workshops in school


  • National Online Safety #WakeUpWednesday posts shared via social media and SeeSaw app (all parents/carers registered with this app and we can track non-engagement)
  • Internet Matters Digital Toolkit shared (personalised advice for families following short online questionnaire regarding internet usage)
  • Internet Matters online newsletter shared via SeeSaw
  • Online Safety given a ‘tab’ within curriculum area of website, and includes National Online Safety advice