Hillside Community Primary School

Together we can shine

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum vision is based on a ‘learning journey’ along a smooth and continuous pathway, with numerous exciting opportunities and experiences to explore along the way. 

A magical journey allowing children time to be children, some racing ahead, some taking it more steady, some straying off the path to look at something eye catching, always in a supportive, safe and stimulating environment full of enabling adults just as much caught up in the excitement of the journey.

Exploration and discovery, continuous wherever and whenever they take place albeit inside the school building, the school grounds, within the local community or farther afield.

Our adults are tasked with removing the rubble from the road, removing the no entry and one way signs, no barrier to the fluidity of the movement permitted so that the children can move successfully, weaving in and out, breathing in, tasting, retaining and articulating all the wonderful enrichment opportunities they have experienced. Laughter and learning going hand in hand seamlessly creating challenging opportunities for all, regardless of age, academic ability, disability or disadvantage.

Our adults open doors to possibilities, expose our children to the wonders and mysteries of our world through past, present and future lives, reveal endless possibilities and unlock each and every child’s potential by providing opportunities to experience the key to life-long learning - knowledge!  

Knowing more, remembering more and understanding more!

Our creative and stimulating environment has been designed to support the children’s magical journey through school; the fabric of the building and the decoration telling a story, imparting knowledge in a unique and vibrant manner, enabling both active teaching and incidental learning to go hand in hand.

Our curriculum has been carefully devised, structured and co-ordinated to ensure both breadth and depth of knowledge, that the experiences and the opportunities we offer are of the highest quality, developmental and challenging so that all children can achieve their potential and have the highest of expectations for their future lives. Nothing but the best in our quest to improve life chances for all.

We aim to see our children …

  • Bright, happy and well motivated with a keenness and a thirst for learning, rushing into school each day eager to continue their journey.
  • Confident, self-assured, reflective and independent, able to take risks and experiment with their learning.
  • Leading, able to share expertise, to transfer and retain knowledge, moving information from one area of learning to another.
  • Determined and enthusiastic, constantly seeking both question and answer so as to be life ready.
  • Able to self select and discerning in their application of learning, making use of the whole school environment, a host of resources at their disposal in the access of a relevant and realistic curriculum.
  • Supported to learn by committed, and skilled practitioners with an expert knowledge of how children progress and a genuine desire to recognise talents and skills. Practitioners who know when to listen, when to direct, and when to assist to move the children’s learning forward.
  • Inspired by a wide range of enrichment opportunities, visits, visitors and experts who can espouse talent, develop outlets, encourage and motivate so as to raise aspirations and enhance cultural experiences.

Curriculum Overview (long term planner)

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