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PE and Sport Premium for Hillside Community Primary School

The biggest investment we have made with our Sports Premium funding is for the deployment of our Sports Coach Dan, who delivers high quality PE lessons to all year groups, team teaches with staff and also provides extra-curricular clubs to broaden physical activity opportunities for our children.
Dan teaches intervention groups during breakfast club on Thursdays and Fridays.

He teaches high quality, extracurricular sports clubs on Thursdays after school and provides lunch times clubs.

Miss Ball also teaches an array of extracurricular clubs during lunch and after school focusing on Multi-Skill development and intervention for our KS1 children and application of skills learn in our school PE curriculum in games clubs for KS2.



In addition, we have also spent some of our Sports Premium funding contributing to the implementation of a new trim trail to develop children’s gross motor skills from Nursery to Year 6. The trim trail also provides our children with the opportunity for having time outdoors for their Mental Health and Well-being.

Inclusivity of physical activity at Hillside

We continue to work with SHARES and the West Lancs School Sports Partnership to access a wide range of sporting competitions. We have also used SHARES for CPD training of our staff.

It has also been a target at Hillside to access inter-school competitions for our children whom have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, identified as Pupil premium and increased participation of girls in physical activity.  The aim is to achieve  increased motivation and inclusion of competitive physical activity for all children at Hillside. 

This academic year, 2023-24, a broad range of our children at Hillside have participated in inter and intra school competitions and sporting activities. At Hillside, we strive to give a wide range of children to participate in competitive sport for their experience and development. We believe in inclusive practice for all groups of children.

During Autumn Term 2023, children from Hillside have attended multiple inclusive competitions and tournaments:

- KS2 SEN Boccia and Curling Event
- KS1 SEN Multi-Skills Event
- KS2 Girls' Football Tournament
- KS2 Inclusive Futsal Tournament (focused on selecting children to participate who do not have the opportunity to experience an event like this outside of school)

At Hillside, we have increased the opportunity for our children to access extra swimming lessons. We now have two of our classes attending swimming lessons each week in some half terms. 

The impact of this has been fantastic and most recently, the children who represented our school at the SHARES swimming gala, gained third place overall, against the other schools in Skelmersdale.

We celebrated; Thomas in 3rd place in the 25m freestyle, Sophia came 2nd in the 25m breaststroke and Dakota came 2nd in the 25m backstroke. Well done everybody!

We have also spent some of our Sports Premium funding raising the profile of PE through the purchase of the Lancashire PE Passport App used for planning, evidencing and assessment. We have also purchased a new PE board located in the school hall to promote physical activity events and clubs to motivate and raise the aspirations of our children to be involved in physical activity and competitions.

Our Key PE Documentation at Hillside

PE and Sports Premium Funding 2023-24

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