Hillside Community Primary School

Together we can shine

Hillside Community Primary School

 ‘Together We can Shine’


Mission Statement

At Hillside we strive for excellence in education by providing a safe, secure, caring family environment,

where individuals are valued and respected enabling them to reach their full potential.



Our Aims at Hillside are to see our children:

  • Bright, smiley and well-motivated with a keenness and a thirst for learning, rushing happily into school each day eager to continue their life journey  
  • Confident, self-assured, reflective and independent, able to take risks, experiment with their learning, taking pride in their own achievements and that of others, understanding, empathy and forgiveness at the heart of the process.  
  • Leading and successful, able to share expertise, to transfer skills and retain knowledge, moving information from one area of learning to another equipped for life’s challenges.  
  • Determined and enthusiastic, seeking both question and answer; living in social harmony, caretakers of the environment, respectful and tolerant of other races, religions and cultures, life ready.  
  • Able to self-select and discerning in their application of learning, resilient and entrepreneurial making use of the whole environment, a host of resources at their disposal in the access of a relevant and realistic curriculum.  
  • Supported to learn by committed, and skilled practitioners with an expert knowledge of how children progress and a genuine desire to recognise talents and skills. Practitioners who know when to listen, when to direct, and when to assist to move the children’s learning forward.  
  • Inspired by a wide range of enrichment opportunities, visits, visitors and experts who can espouse talent, develop outlets, encourage and motivate so as to raise aspirations and enhance cultural, social and emotional experiences.


By working together in this way,

We Can All Shine