Hillside Community Primary School

Together we can shine

High quality phonics is taught systematically throughout EYFS, Key Stage 1 and where appropriate, Key Stage 2. We use Red Rose Letters and Sounds with fidelity across school to deliver activities within the appropriate phases. Phonics is taught discretley every day in the EYFS and in Key Stage 1 and is supplemented with additional sessions and intervention where assessment indicates a need.

Through Red Rose Letters and Sounds, children learn:

  • To develop speaking and listening skills.
  • To recognise sounds and graphemes.
  • To blend sounds to read.
  • To segment sounds to spell.

Within Red Rose Letters and Sounds phonics sessions, (Phases 2 - 5) children are taught: 

  • Grapheme- Phoneme correspondence in a clearly defined sequence.
  • The skill of blending phonemes to read.
  • The skill of segmenting words into their constituent phonemes to spell.
  • That blending and segmenting are reversible skills.

Phase 1 Phonics is taught in the nursery classes through with fidelity to the Red Rose Letters and Sounds Phase 1 scheme. The table below demonstrates the skills that will be taught through discrete daily sessions alongside classroom activities within the provision.

Phase 2 is delivered from the beginning of Reception, followed by Phases 3, 4, and 5 throughout Reception and Key Stage 1. Grapheme phoneme correspondences are introduced from the beginning.The table below demonstrates the phonemes (sounds) and graphemes that are taught  within phases 2 - 5.

The documents below give guidance for EYFS parents on early blending and segmenting  (How to read and write words) in Phases 2 and 3.

If you need any help to support your child in phonics or reading, please contact school.